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I’m gonna play some Smash 3DS online if anyone wants to join

"ORAS demo codes could take up to a week to receive"

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cool-edge said: they’re sending them out at random. i got one one of my email accounts but not the other

oh. they’re doing it like that.

that’s stupid…

cool-edge answered: it’s in the newsletter they send you

i haven’t gotten one yet

and I know I checked that I wanted to get the newsletter

how the hell are you suppose to download the demo for Pokemon OR/AS?



John Cena, forgetting his muffins in the oven.

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Amy’s supposed to be an archaeologist or something in Boom, right(is she still twelve)? I’m not sure, I just wanted to give her a cute bookish kind of look or something.



hello I lost my voice

then how did u make this post?


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